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Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful locations in the United States of America. It is centrally located and it is known as the jewel of Central America.

Costa Rica VIP Honeymoon

It is a honeymooner's paradise with its tropical beaches and lovely climate. Costa Rica is mainly a coastline area and is host to gorgeous beaches stretching for miles along the coast. This beautiful country is surrounded by the Caribbean Ocean on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west.

Costa Rica is one of the most exotic and romantic places for a honeymoon.

Costa Rica Honeymoon

Newly wed couples can spend their honeymoon soaking up the sun in pristine sandy beaches and visiting the various spas in the honeymoon hotels in Costa Rica. For the more active couples Costa Rica offers a wide variety of activities like water sports and surfing. The Costa Rican waters are turbulent making it a surfer’s paradise. One of the most famous activities you can take part, is in playing golf.

COsta Rica Honeymoon

Costa Rica has few of the best and most reputed golf courses in the world. Most of the well known honeymoon hotels and resorts in Costa Rica provide facilities for golf playing.

Due to the importance of the tourism in this country, you will have the chance to enjoy a very diverse night life, with lots of clubs, bars and pubs as well as important romantic restaurants, spas and resorts where to enjoy a beautiful honeymoon