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Learn Spanish


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Studying a language in an inspiring environment could make the difference between success and frustration.What could be more inspiring than traveling abroad to a beautiful country with friendly people, places to explore and fun activities to learn Spanish? Lovely beaches, lush tropical forests, an educated and polite population, political and economical stability and a great level of safety, all this and more can be found in Costa Rica. Language schools are a popular option for anyone deciding to learn Spanish in Costa Rica. They give you the opportunity to study as a part of a community, in a full immersion program which has been proven as the best way to learn to communicate in a language successfully.

Learn Spanish

You can study in the cloud forest, in the city, or have your classes in a rural village where you’ll be constantly exposed to spoken Spanish. You can decide to lodge at a hotel or take advantage of home stays where you stay with a Costa Rican family. Learning Spanish, even just the basic phrases can open Costa Rica's secrets for you.

To choose the right language school, do your homework before you sign up; find out what type of program you would like to be a part of: whether you prefer a private institute or national program. Find out if your university or school will give you credits for studying Spanish abroad in Costa Rica. Language schools vary in their programs: some take days, others weeks, and others are continuous. If you are doing your research online, make sure to check on the reputation and certifications, to make sure that the degrees will be valid where you live. Language translation, interpreting and other types of certification may be available. It would be a good idea to contact past students and ask them for their feedback on the courses. Get in touch with someone at the school and ask any questions you may have. Who will be giving you lessons? How often will you be in class? Will you have just one teacher or several? Are you interested in learning the basics, improving your knowledge or getting proficient enough to work as a translator? How many students will be in your group, and what is the general age group? Take stock of what matters to you and keep it in mind when you search for your school. Location, length of program, proficiency level you want to achieve, rural or urban setting and cost. Although the internet is a great tool, it is not the only source of information, sometimes through guide books and word of mouth you can find good language school programs that suit you.

When you choose a home stay program, you get a room in a Costa Rican family's house, and most of the times it will include two meals each day for a set rate. The advantages of enjoying a home stay are the chance you have to learn not only the language, but the culture of Costa Rica as well. Experience first hand the lifestyle and customs of a typical family, make friends and have an eye opening experience.


Balance out your weekly classes with excursions and trips on the weekends to visit beautiful locations around Costa Rica, or choose a program with different campuses and enjoy learning in completely different environments each week. Other programs give you option to live with other language school students. Socializing is a big part of learning a new language, the more you use your new-found skills, the better you’ll be at it. You don’t have to be extremely proficient to communicate; even a few basic phrases will smooth the road out for you. Travel with your whole family to Costa Rica and make these vacations a learning experience for young and old. Whether you are just interested in learning the basics for your holiday, or if you want to become fluent, there are Spanish programs you can tailor to your needs.