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Costa Rica, presents special conditions for Rafting lovers. In several points of the country there are suitable rivers for practicing this adventure sport that nowadays is one of the favorite ones, for Costa Rican and foreigners.

In rivers with low difficulty levels (like Corobicí river in Guanacaste, levels I and II), as good as in rivers with high difficulty (like Chirripó, level V and Pacuare, level VI), the emotion will be during the tours that take place in the middle of beautiful natural places. To enjoy this activity without inconveniences, it is necessary to practice this sport with responsible guides, and to follow their indications.

The American Whitewater Association has an International Scale for River Difficulty, according to the stream’s movement and the kind of obstruction in the way:

Class I (Easy), Class II (Beginner), Class III (I Intermediate), Class IV (Advanced), Clase V (Expert) and Class IV (extreme).

Río Reventazón




- Corobicí




- Pacuare


Pacuare River

Few activities are that produce so much adrenaline in our organism, as rafting in Pacuare river. It is one of the best rivers that can be found for practicing this activity.

This river go through two provinces: Cartago and Limon, and has in two sections, four of the six rafting difficulty levels; from Bajo Pacuare to San Martin, with levels V and VI, recommended only for the expert, and from San Martin to Siquirres, with levels III and IV.
Pacuare River

Surrounded by the beauty that riveras river’s nature offers, one has the opportunity to practice this adventure sport in one of the favorites places for national and foreigner tourists


- Sarapiquí


Northern from Heredia Province, a place of big charm is located where can be appreciated the beauties that rainy tropical forest offers, at the same time it can be practiced the rafting, one of the favorite adventure sports. This place is Sarapiquí.

In this county of Heredia there are several private reserves in which can be observed a great variety of animal species, as well as to appreciate the greenery of the environment that surrounds it. Many of these reservations have wide paths that allow the visitor to walk among the nature and to have a relaxant experience.

To complete this region’s magic, we have Sarapiquí River. The rafting is practiced in their south side, with the following levels according to the section of the river;

San Miguel - La Virgen (Class IV-V)
La Virgen - Chilamate: In this part most of the rapids are moderate. Chilamate - Puerto Viejo (Class I-III).

In the north side you can navigate in calm waters and observe different kinds of birds, as well as monkeys and crocodiles