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Basic rules for beginners:

If you are a beginner, don't get in the water where you see a lot of surfers. Do the opposite, always try to find an uncrowded spot in the water with plenty of room. It can be dangerous for you and other people.

If you are going to paddle for a wave and see someone in front of you, and you still don't have enough confidence, don't risk it ! Let the wave go by. You could fall and hurt that person very badly with the surfboard's fins or noose.

Basic rules for everybody:

Never drop in on someone's wave.

Always look to your left and right while paddling, to make sure that no one is going the wave before you try to get up.

Avoid surfing a point break when it is busy with locals. If you do, do not hustle like at home ! Stay in the shoulder of the wave and wait for your turn. it is a sign of respect towards the locals

Never paddle for position through the inside. Always through the outside !

If a local drops in on you, don't say anything and avoid problems.

Try not to reach the peak in group. Crowds usually bring problems.

Spread across the sea. Dumb people like to go where other surfers already are. It is not necessarily the best break ! Look for the waves, not for the crowd.

Do not litter the beach, the parking lot or elsewhere.

... Best Surf Point in Costa Rica ...
by costaricavipguides Staff
Central & Southern Pacific :

Boca Barranca : It’s a river mouth with a very long left. Paved road. Lots of places to stay. Some of the best waves in the country specially for longboards.

Playa Escondida : Its located to the south from Jacó where you can get a taxi and head to an excellent point break that form a very good left and a surfable right.

Playa Jacó : Its 2 hours away from San José. This waves tend to close out when it gets over 5 feet. Close to a great quantity of places like playa Hermosa, Escondida, Barranca and Puntarenas. Lots of hotels, cabins, restaurants, bars and camp grounds.

Roca Loca : A rocky point next to Jacó with rights that break over submerged rocks.

Playa Hermosa : Very strong beach break. Its a long beach break but the preferred point its located in front of a large tree called "El Almendro". The waves conditions are generally best when the tide is rising.

Playa Dominical : Good, strong beach breaks with lefts and rights. Very tropical with beautiful landscapes.

Pavones : Excellent left point, considered one of the largest in the world. Good shape and very fast.
Caribbean :

 : A very fast beach break located 20km from

Puerto Viejo. Easy to get to.
Puerto Viejo : A very thick and voluminous wave that comes from deep water to a shallow reef. Its called "Salsa" for its juice power.

Black Beach, Cahuita : Excellent beach break, not well known and therefore not crowded. You can find waves there all year round.

Playa Bonita : A point reef break. Very thick powerful and dangerous left. 50km north of Limon.

Northern Pacific :

Potrero Grande : A right point, with very feast and hollow waves. 270km from San José with no road access. You have to go to Playas del Coco or Playa Ocotal and take a boat.

Playa Naranjo : "Roca Bruja" also called "Witch's Rock" one of the best beach breaks in the country with very strong offshore winds from December to March. Its located in the National Park Santa Rosa so a 4WD is a must.

Playa Grande : Beach Breaks located 20 min north of

Playa Tamarindo : Here you can find two different points the first one is a rocky one called "Pico Pequeño" in front of the hotel Tamarindo, and "El Estaro" an excellent river mouth break.

Langosta : A right and left point break that curls off the mouth of the mouth of a small river, 1 km south of Tamarindo.

Avellanas : Good beach break, very hollow rights and lefts. 15km south of Tamarindo.

Playa Negra
 : A right point break with very fast waves. Restaurant and Cabins on the point.

Playa Coyote, Manzanillo and Mal Pais : Beach breaks, with very consistent lefts and rights and several points.